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Trying on Heels


Whether you are a busy mum, full time professional or entering a new chapter of your life and in need of some new pieces to fit into your wardrobe and life, working with a personal stylist while shopping can be a complete revolution.


It's easy to fall into a style rut and the thought of going shopping can be a daunting task. This is where I come in and I love nothing more than taking all that stress and anxiety away from you and helping you rediscover YOUR style. But not only that, my aim is for you to have fun, feel fabulous and ultimately feel like the best version of yourself. 

If your unsure if The Personal Shop if for you you can request a free discovery call and we can find out. 

Noting to wear?
 I have the solution for you.

PERSONALshop packages

Briefly introduce your packages


IN-PERSON shop | £380

3hr customised shopping experience

Each personal shop is bespoke to every client, this experience is designed by me, for you and no one else. I do this by getting to know you and your needs. Not just your itemised clothing needs but understanding how you want to feel in your clothes and what you want them to say about you, your personality, your body, your budget and YOUR style.

Assume around 3-4 shops and or department store within a short radius, locations and stores vary based on your brief. 

Whats included : 

  • 30 min discovery call/zoom with style personality review and body shape consultation 

  • Pre-appointment get-to-know-you questionnaire 

  • Shopping plan emailed to you prior to the day of our shop for your approval

  • 3hr bespoke shopping experience ( light refreshments included)

  • Honest and constructive feedback throughout the session on clothes that flatter your body shape and style

  • Guidance of what colors work for you

  • Help on what to buy which will complement your existing wardrobe

  • Fresh ideas on how to put new outfits together

  • Introduction to new brands

  • Gentle encouragement to try new styles

  • Valuable styling tips throughout the session

  • Exclusive YOUR Style tote bag to carry your purchases home in

  • A follow-up email with any key style observations or links relevant to our trip tailored for you

  • No stress and lots of laughter

Add On's: 

  • 30 minute colour analysis (£60)

  • Extra hour for more comprehensive shop (£120)

VIRTUAL Personal Shop |  £350

A remote shop all conducted via zoom from the comfort of your own home. No bag carrying, no scary changing rooms and no stress. Easy Peasy. 

The virtual shop works best for seasonal wardrobe updates and specific events  such as holiday & travel, weddings & special occasions and work wear etc. It's all bespoke and designed around you.  No matter your location or budget, style or size, I can curate a new stylish and most importantly wearable wardrobe for you from the comfort of your home.


What's included: 

  • Get-to-know-you questionnaire

  • Chat via Zoom or phone call to discuss your needs, challenges, goals, body shape, colours, lifestyle, and budget

  • My expert eye! I’ll explore the online shops so you don't have too and create some fab looks for you to consider. 

  • Introduce you to new brands that work best for YOURstyle, YOURbody and YOURbudget. 

  • A bespoke shoppable style board with styling tips emailed to you so you can order the things you like straight to your door! No fuss, No stress. 

  • Detailed and comprehensive styling notes on how to wear the pieces and what to pair them with, including sizing information and any relevant discount codes

  • The option to have a follow up zoom try on session in the outfits to get that all important final feedback (follow up is an additional £150 chargeable service)


Personal Stylist_68 2.jpg
Personal Stylist_61 2_edited.jpg

GROUP shop | from £440

  • Group styling is for 2 or 3 people who would like to go on a personal shopping trip together with me. 

  • It’s a great way to spend some time with friends whilst getting the YOURstyle experience at a lower cost per person.

  • This package includes colour analysis (if needed) and refreshments at the start.

LOVELY clients

"Tor took so much care explaining the colours of each group so clearly that I really understood what is right for me. I really recommend her as it's so personalised and makes you feel so special.”

Megan Arthur, London

HOW it works


Contact me and have a fun and informal chat. We will figure out what service is best for you and your needs. 


Book your perfect personal styling appointment. We will find the perfect time and place for you and have the best time discovering your style. 


Look and feel amazing, beautiful, fantastic and confident every time you get dressed. 

  • How much does a personal stylist cost?
    All my pricing is on my services page. I can also create a bespoke package/ service for you which will be have it's own unique cost.
  • How can I book?
    Head over to my Contact me page and drop me a message letting me know what you are after and I'll be in touch with you with 24hrs.
  • Where does a personal stylist work?
    I work wherever you are and online. All my services can be conducted online ( colour analysis excluded). For a wardrobe edit I will come to your home, if you are outside my catchment area of 12 miles outside of Guildford travel fees's may apply. For personal shopping we will shop in department stores and local high streets dependent your needs and budget. I am a member of the Harvey Nichols Stylist Club which entitles me and my clients to a luxurious shopping experience, a private dressing suite and some lovely bubbles to accompany us.
  • Will you style me in the way that you dress?
    No absolutely not. Your style is yours alone and I never try to dress my clients like me. Your style will be specific to you, your body, your colours and your life. Don't worry you will have a style as unique as your.
  • Will you make me throw out all my clothes just to buy more?
    No, absolutely not. As a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant it is my job to rework what you already own to work for you and your body, your style and your life. I will identify gaps in your wardrobe, whereby adding certain items will increase the longevity of your wardrobe and ultimate save you time and money.


Ready to shop andredefine YOURstyle?

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