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What is personal styling and is it for you?

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what is personal styling by Victoria Eve

Do you open your wardrobe and feel both over and underwhelmed with what’s inside and ultimately feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear?

As a qualified personal stylist, I can help in decluttering your wardrobe—identifying items that serve you, those that don't (and the reasons why), offering guidance on styling beloved yet neglected pieces, and suggesting additions to fill in identified gaps that will add longevity to your wardrobe. The goal is to craft a curated wardrobe that brings you joy each morning.

Do you dread going in store shopping and feel lost in where to look and what to look for?

As a personal stylist it is my goal to eliminate these feelings by pre-selecting items in store ahead of our secession specific to you and the brief, we have created together that reflects your budget and style. I will also teach you some top styling tips and tricks to have you looking and feeling your best and leave feeling confident and happy with your purchases.

Have you ever been trying on outfits in store and wish you had someone to ask if it’s right for you?

As a qualified personal stylist, I can be that unbiased voice with you during your try on session. Not just advising on what is flattering and appropriate but considering your unique body shape, colouring, current trends, and the practical use case for each piece in your wardrobe.

Have alterations in your lifestyle or body left your wardrobe out of sync with the new you and the evolving demands of your life?

I understand that different stages of our life along with work and family demands call for different styles and this can be hard to navigate and come to terms with, causing us to feel a little lost in ourselves and our style, leaving us feeling deflated with a lack of confidence. These feelings inspire me every day as a personal stylist knowing that I can help my clients navigate these tricky channels using my expert knowledge.

All of that sounds amazing, but isn’t personal styling just for celebrities and the uber wealthy?

Not at all, celebrities hire fashion stylists (what it used to be) and they work quite differently to personal stylists. Just like it says on the tin, a personal stylist is personal to you, catering for you and your needs and the demands of your lifestyle. Not dictated by trends but guided by your body, your colours, and your tastes to rediscover your style. Personal Stylists are for women like you—the everyday woman seeking to enhance her style, save time, and yes, even save money. Consider the numerous garments in your closet, some possibly unworn, with tags intact, or simply not the right fit or style. Reflect on the accumulated cost of these items. Investing in a personal stylist can help you eliminate those costly buying mistakes, making it a wise and accessible choice for anyone looking to refine their style sensibilities.

Still curious? Book a free consultation call and let’s chat.


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